Besuchen Sie die Weingüter und Winzer in der Provence

Discover this vineyard on the south of France which is bathed by the sun tanks to a mediterranean climate and which propose a large range of wines. Winalist will help you tou find the best visites, tastings and activities in the region.

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For which reasons could you visit Provence ?

This region is situated only 3 hours from the capital. This is a region which represent 30,000 hectares of vineyards located on the hills, valleys and mountains. Grounds are mainly limestones and allows the region to propose a large range of wines. Even if this is a region specialized in the making of really fruity rosé it produce also powerful red wines and delicate white wines. The designations of the region produce these three kinds of wines but also some fortified wines. As in the Côte du Rhône, the mistral play with the vineyard while favoring its wells-being. Discover this fabulous soil and these delicious wines thanks to Winalist and its large selection of visits, tastings and activities. 

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