Discover the wines of the "Bon Pays"

Let's discover the viticultural vineyard of Jura also named the "Bon Pays" and taste some delicious unknown wines. Find and reserve easily you visits, tastings and activities thanks to Winalist.

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Why should you visit Jura ?

The viticultural estates of Jura are really old but still stay a little bit unknown. However, wines which are produced are really qualitative thanks to an atypical soil. Indeed, vineyards are planted at 300 meter height and the climatic conditions  represent a real challenge for the vine. The varieties of grappes and the king of culture are severely selected. The main varieties of grappes are Pinot Noir, Chardonnay but also Poulsard and Trousseau. You could discover a diversity of red, white wines and rosés but also some sparkling wines and especially the "yellow wine". Among them we can cite the Arbois, Arbois Pupillon and the Châteaux-Chalon. Discover these typical wines thanks to Winalist and its plentiful visits, tastings and activities.

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