Champagne Moët & Chandon
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Champagne Moët & Chandon

Besuchen Sie Champagne Moët & Chandon in Epernay

Champagner Weingut / Winzer
The “Maison” Moet & Chandon cellars open its doors

The Moet & Chandon cellars are an exceptional heritage of the House, the unique testimony of several centuries of winemaking. Guardians of a real treasure, they represent the talent and the work of several generations of men and women.

The cellar visit, led by our interpreters, will invite you to discover the Moet & Chandon expertise of our oenologists and the legacy of a know-how developed overt ime and passed through several generations of cellar masters.

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Sciaccarello Pinot Meunier Chardonnay


29,00 € - 1.000,00 € pro Flasche

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Weinberge und Entdeckung

Weinberge und Entdeckung

Offizielle Auszeichnung für großartiges Weintourismusziel
Destination vignobles

Destination vignobles

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Champagne Moët et Chandon, Avenue de Champagne, Épernay, France Frankreich

Bewertungen (34)

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Jeannoit gb kennzeichnen Sep. 2019

highly interesting and very professional

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Helene fr kennzeichnen Okt. 2020

Bel accueil, visite intéressante et très instructive, riche d’histoire et de savoir-faire.

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Axelle fr kennzeichnen Juli 2021

Très belle expérience, très intéressante !

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Motohiko gb kennzeichnen Dez. 2020

Moet et Chandon maison has greatly organized facility with guide tour and short brochure. Secured Parking is also prepared for easy access in small Épernay city. Depending on individual in tour assemble but less question limits detail of champagne making and selling process. It would be perfect if maison could bring each process optimized to identify where we are viewing especially while walking in cave!

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Cyrus gb kennzeichnen Juli 2019

Wonderful experience! Best champagne and great look and feel. Loved it.

User Avatar
Eric fr kennzeichnen Juli 2020

Expérience inoubliable


  • Iconic visit
  • Kaiserlicher Augenblick

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