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Cantina Fontechiara

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Piedmont Weingut / Winzer
Cantina Fontechiara is a small family-run winery located in Borgomanero, on the Novarese hills, in the Upper Piedmont area. It produces quality red and rosé wines, obtained from the Nebbiolo and Vespolina vines, certified native vines and faithful expression of the territory.
The vineyards are located right at the foot of the Alps, precisely in Bogogno, a few kilometers from two beautiful lakes: Lake Maggiore, with the famous towns of Stresa and Arona, and Lake Orta.
Their positive influence on the local microclimate, together with the excellent characteristics of the soil, make our area particularly suitable for the production of high quality wines. Respect for nature, traditions and the protection of our territory are our guidelines. All wines are certified "vegan".

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Cantina Fontechiara, Borgomanero, Novare, Italie Italien


  • Winery tour & Tasting of three D.O.C. Fontechiara Wines

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