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Burgund Weingut / Winzer
Régnard, one of Burgundy’s oldest and most prestigious houses in Bourgogne, was founded in 1860 by Zéphir Régnard.
In 1984, Baron Patrick de Ladoucette purchased Régnard and has ever since perpetuated and improved upon the style and tradition of these wines.
The magnificent Maison Régnard in Chablis is one of the last remaining domains to still have in their possession the cellars and winery as well as various different buildings in this famous village in the Yonne.
Mr de Ladoucette has extended this prestigious domain to the wine capital of Bourgogne situated in the heart of the historic town of Beaune, where he owns a beautiful private manor house on the rue des Tonneliers, as well as 18th century cellars.
These two unique sites steeped in history invite you on a guided voyage to discover these majestic wines of which the most renowned are served at the best tables and gastronomic restaurants in France and internationally.
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Maison Régnard, Boulevard du Docteur Tacussel, Chablis, France Frankreich


  • Chablis: Privatbesuch und Verkostung
  • Chablis: Privatbesuch und Verkostung und Mittagessen in den Salons
  • Chablis: Privatbesuch und Verkostung und Abendessen in den Salons
  • Beaune: Privatbesuch und Verkostung
  • Beaune: Privater Besuch und Verkostung sowie Mittag- oder Abendessen in den Salons
  • Pouilly-Fuissé: Privatbesuch und Verkostung
  • Pouilly-Fuissé: Privatbesuch und Verkostung sowie Mittag- oder Abendessen in den Salons des Pavillons

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