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Discover this vineyard which is spread on 11 French departments and which produce famous wines. With Winalist, you could discover this region while reserving your visits, tastings and activities.

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Things to know about the region

The region of the South-West is classed in the biggest winegrowing regions of the country.Its cover several territories and has as capitale Toulouse. Wines which is produced are mainly AOC and AOP and has a IGP. Denominations are specific thanks to a micro-climate. This region is divided in 6 territories which produce different wines thanks to diverse grounds. Indeed, we can find limestones, sandy and clay grounds. In this region you could admire some plateau and hillsides but also beautiful hills inside a verdant setting. The main grape varieties are cabernets, merlot and also sauvignon and muscadelle. With Winalist, you could discover this vineyard thanks to a large selection of visits, tastings and activities. 

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