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Emilio Sciacca Etna Wine

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Emilio Sciacca Etna Wine

Sizilien Weingut Linguaglossa
The ancient millstone “Palmento La Martinella” is located at a 600 m above sea level, on the north-east side of Etna, in the territory of the municipality of Linguaglossa, precisely in the district with the same name Martinella.
“Wine, Human, Nature, Etna” it’s our Philosophy for an Ethical and Natural Wine. During the wine-making process, nature is our ally, a traveling companion and sometimes even our teacher.
We follow personally and with the help of qualified experts all the stages of cultivation, production, vinification and bottling, accompanying and coordinating each of these stages personally.
During the visit in our vineyard we will transmit you our philosophy of an artisanal wine produced in harmony with nature; you will discover the extraordinary peculiarities of the Terroir Etna, which determines the quality and organoleptic characteristics of our labels.
Our idea of wine tourism is to involve you in an informal but at the same time
an informal but at the same time authentic experience. From
from the farmer to the sommelier, from the chef to the owner, all of us in the team
team will be happy to welcome you to our Palmento and tell you
our story.

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15,00 € - 29,00 € pro Flasche
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Via San Giuseppe, Linguaglossa, CT, Italia Italien


  • Emilio Sciacca Etna Wine
  • Etna Wine Tasting with local products
  • Besuch, Weinprobe des Ätna und Mittagessen

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