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Pic Nic 2020

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Über diese Erfahrung & Gastgeber

The principle is simple, come with family or friends and bring your packed lunch.
The winemaker at Château Bel-Air La Royère welcomes you to the heart of her estate by offering you free wine tasting.
A space for you will be arranged, with tables and chairs
but also glasses and embers for your grills.
You will then have the opportunity to discover its cellar and its vines during an organized visit. The winemaker will be available to discuss your trade with you and sometimes even to share some of her secrets…
It is an event for all and all ages.
Enough to have a good time, so book now!

Von 5 bis 30 Personen

2 Tage

Kostenlos für Kinder unter 18 Jahren

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Verkostung von 4 Weinen

Während dieser Erfahrung können Sie 4 verschiedene Weine probieren

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1 Les Ricards

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  •  - Pic Nic 2020
  •  - Pic Nic 2020
  •  - Pic Nic 2020
  •  - Pic Nic 2020
  •  - Pic Nic 2020
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