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Europe is full of wine secrets and Winalist opens its doors to you. And because we believe that the time spent booking tourist activities should be less compared to the time spent enjoying, Winalist plots for you the most beautiful wine itinerary of your escapades.

By our side, it has never been easier to meet the winegrowers of Alsace, the wine estates of Bordeaux or to organize your next wine route in Italy.

No matter what your destination is, Winalist will become your best wine guide

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In one click and according to your criteria, you have access to the agendas of more than 470 winegrowers and wine estates. Refine your selection, pre-pay online for your activity and then enjoy it!

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Redefine your sightseeing with Winalist. Food and wine pairing, original wine tasting, walking tour, in 4x4, discovery of cellars and chalk pits, you will surely find your happiness.

At the right price

When you book a wine activity on Winalist, you pay no booking fees. The prices displayed on our site are the same as those applied directly to the winegrowers.

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Created for wine professionals

Because we know that today's winemakers and wineries have unique know-how and a story to tell in their hands, we give them the opportunity to do so on one platform. Offering them visibility and support, regardless of their size, region and wine-growing method is Winalist's mantra.

“ Winalist is designed to facilitate the connection beetween visitors and winegrowers “

Nicolas, founder of Winalist

Our "why" ?

The story of the beginnings

Our story begins in 2016, when Nicolas, the founder of Winalist, organized his next trip to Bordeaux. After having easily booked his transport and accommodation, Nicolas finds himself caught off guard by the lack of solutions to organize his activities on site. Wanting to visit a vineyard, he had no choice but to make numerous calls, without success.

Winalist was then created, with the aim of facilitating the connection between visitors and winegrowers. The platform now allows more than 20,000 tourists a year to find in real time a vineyard to visit, a new story to discover, an irreversible wine to taste.

And now ?

Our initial wish remains unchanged, to offer as many people as possible the opportunity to travel across Europe through its wine estates.

Our team is now working full time and actively to fulfill this promise.

All this while keeping the values ​​instilled in the company since its creation: a platform that is easy to access and intended for the greatest number of people and an ever-increasing desire to offer you unique and original wine tourism experiences.

Entdecken Sie die Geschenkkarte

Nicolas Manfredini

Co-founder and CEO

Entdecken Sie die Geschenkkarte

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The winegrowers and the wineries have in their hands a unique know-how and a story to tell

Entdecken Sie die Geschenkkarte


In one click, discover more than 470 wineries in Europe.

Entdecken Sie die Geschenkkarte


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